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FAQS - G3 system

GEO Faq G3 system

Is the G3® environmentally friendly?
Yes, the G3® system is environmentally friendly. After a simple, fast and inexpensive treatment, the slurry will become residual water.

What is the typical recommended dosage of PolyMud® for a first mix?
For the everyday conditions, the recommended dosage is 1 kg per m3 of fresh water.

Does it work with salt water?
The G3® System performs easily with salt water, either for mixing and in case of tidal intrusion. The water is previously treated for pH correction. In case of intrusion, sudden changes in the slurry's parameters can be promptly corrected for best performance.

Is the pouring setup process faster?
Absolutely. Since the cleaning of the slurry does not need a desander, the cleaning of the excavations only takes about 10 minutes, after which the reinforcement cage and tremie pipes can be inserted.

How much equipment is needed on site to operate the G3® system?
It varies with dimensions, specifications and other conditions of the project in general. Typically, one tank and a diaphragm pump are sufficient. In some situations, the polymer can be added directly at the excavation, which may be an advantage over other stabilization slurries especially in projects with a limited or confined space dedicated for slurry plant purposes.

Is the treatment for disposal expensive or complicated?
No. The treatment for slurry disposal only requires small dosages of two different chemicals and the process is quite simple, taking from half an hour to a maximum two hours time.