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The G3 System

GEO The G3 System

The G3® System is the proven leader in the ground engineering and soil stabilization industry.
G3®= 3rd generation.
The G3® Soil Stabilization System is designed to transform unstable non-cohesive into a uniform and predictable earth drilling environment.
This third generation polymer system incorporates the most recent advancements in polymer chemistry to provide new and unique earth stabilization capabilities.

G3® system features

Radically designed three dimensional polymer molecules improve the inter-particle forces and cohesion properties of the most demanding soil profiles and fabrics.

Intrinsic chemical properties form polymer-to-polymer "cross-link" bonds generating a multi support network within the excavation's surface.

Performance of the G3® system

The G3® Soil Stabilization System outperforms most bentonite, polymer, or combination slurry drilling methods available to the excavation and drilled shaft industries.

The G3® System advantage offers unmatched performance in all types of soil conditions and environmental challenges.

G3® System Benefits

  • Superior molecular design and performance compared to existing drilling bentonite and polymer based fluids.
  • Enhanced stability design for all types of soil profiles.
  • Improves microstructure and macrostructure particle interactions to maintain and expand the rheological properties of the fluid in order to preserve soil characteristics.
  • Greatly reduces soil destabilization due to slurry migration and radial bleed into non-excavated soils.
  • Inhibits fluid loss and prevents costly excavation failures.
  • Ease of mixing and application through rapid hydration and highly water soluble polymer components.

Advantages of the G3® System

Lower overall project costs

Less time needed for completion. The excavation process and all associated operations are much faster, greatly reducing project duration.

Less equipment needed
By comparing with a Bentonite system, the G3® system can operate practically without any special equipment dedicated to slurry operations.

Reduced on site stock (compared with Bentonite)
In most cases, the proportion may reach 50 times less.

Reduced personnel
It is not necessary to dedicate a person to the slurry plant fulltime, allowing the worker to be available to perform other tasks.

Efficient re usage of the slurry
The slurry's best performance properties are promptly recovered for re usage by adding small product quantities.

The G3®
system is environmentally safe and friendly. The G3® system was conceived having the environment as a major concern; after treated, the slurry can be disposed of to sewer systems, water streams etc.

Clean job sites
Spoils from the excavations are dry. The slurry is confined to where is needed.

Minimized disposal costs
Small quantities of two products are all that is needed for treatment and disposal of the slurry.

Direct discharges have been made in a salmon spawn river with no environmental impact (Puget Sounds, WA - USA).
The impact of the G3® system in the environment in the proportions used on site is 1000 times lower than the amounts required in order to be considered pollutant.

Mixing and hydration in less than 30 minutes
The average time for mixing and hydrating, ranges between 15 and 20 minutes.

Use with salt water
The G3® system was design for interaction with salt water, by either mixing or intrusion in the excavation due to tidal effect.

Faster operation methods
The all process was conceived thinking of production and how important it is to our clients. From the mixing to the recycling and re usage of the slurry.

Lower concrete overbreaks
Due to it's ability to interact and create links with the soil, the excavation┬┐s geometry is more accurate and therefore the concrete overbreaks are lower.

Concrete contamination greatly reduced
The cleaning of the excavations is essential. The G3® system was designed to be able to effectively clean the bottom of any type of excavation.

Lower sand content percentages
The G3® system product line has the most effective method for cleaning sediments and fines that accumulate at the bottom of excavations.

Concrete surfaces with lower contamination than Bentonite
Consequently, if an excavation is cleaner, by comparing, the contamination level will always be lower.

Increased skin friction
The bond between concrete and the soil is complete since the polymer is eliminated by direct contact with the concrete.

Localized applications
The G3® system allows localized applications at the very depth where the problems occur. The different available solutions were carefully planned to effectively solve a wide range of problems.

Wider problem solving technical capability
The different methods developed by GEO's technical team, aim to and allow to prevent and to give immediate response to any problem related with the slurry that may occur in an excavation.