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Super D-Sand® cleaning Advantages

Super D-Sand<sup>®</sup> cleaning Advantages
  • Easy, simple and fast application.
  • Eliminates the long production breaks caused by the usage of de-sanders or airlifting for the cleaning of the excavations.
  • Precipitation of excessive particles and fines promoting the cleaning of bentonite slurries.
  • Allows immediate reinforcement cage setup of the excavations.
  • Extends the bentonite’s life span and increases it’s re-usage.
  • Eliminates the need for excessive equipment, such as, de-sanders, generators and extra tanks.
  • Eliminates the high electricity costs associated with the usage of excessive equipment.
  • Allows effective cleaning of diaphragm wall panels with unusual dimensions that due to its width or depth do not allow the usage of a pump.
  • The product’s applications are cumulative and consumption lowers throughout the project.
  • Extremely effective in a closed circuit, in projects with reverse or direct circulation.
  • The slurry plant remains clean.
  • Does not affect concrete or steel.
  • Non flammable, toxic or corrosive.
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable.