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PolyTunnel System

Polymer based fluid for tunnels and HDD Horizontal Directional Drilling) with a superior lubrication and transportation capacity of the detritus.

A specially tailored polymer based solution for tunnelling.

PolyTunnel is a synthetic non-toxic polymer designed to establish the adequate soil cuttings transportation to the surface for tunnel Boring machines with closed shield. It is suitable to interact with diverse types of soil profiles and is both soluble in fresh and sea water. Its superior stabilization capacity allied to a powerful lubrication capacity enables the TBM to increase production whilst significant batching plant reduction is achieved. This system enables you to reduce on site equipment. Get the most of your tunnel project in achieving more meters per day at a lower cost.

This newly system is available in the market to be considered a true alternative to colloidal solutions. Take advantage of a system that allows you to incorporate into your projects and company philosophy a non-contaminant environmental solution.