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Our Service - Training Programs

Our Service - Training Programs

GEO will provide our customer's technical teams a professional certification.

GEO will provide our customer's technical teams a professional certification that ensures the necessary ability for an autonomous and correct application of the different techniques and products of the G3® system through a highly professionalized course guided for the resolution of every day's problems in a real on site environment.

This program has two levels of certification: Basic and Advanced.

GEO Certified Professional

The basic level assures the basic competence to autonomously operate the G3® system and solve every day's problems.

Each course has the duration of one week, starting Mondays and ending Friday at lunchtime.

Evaluation of the trainees is made through a multiple-choice theory test (50%) and an on site performance test (50%).

For those approved on both tests, a GEO certificate will be issued.

The recommended number of trainees per course is three. This way, a closer and more personalized level of training is achieved.

GEO Advanced Certified Professional

The Advanced level targets all professionals willing to improve their knowledge in more complex techniques and solving problems of a higher difficulty level. This program was created to widen the knowledge of the professionals in the application of the G3® system in situations or projects that for its level of complexity are more demanding on the part of the client’s site crew providing a wider approach and level of training.

The complexity of these projects is regulated by conditions, or the application of working methods such as: reverse or direct circulation, both in drilled shafts and diaphragm walls, micro pilling and the application of stabilization slurries in salty water and its usage for mixing. This course, preceded by the basic level, targets all professionals who have successfully completed it.